New Year, New…

01/14/2021 2:02 AM EST.

It’s the first Monday of the year, and I’m grateful that I don’t start work until Tuesday. Now, I know, I stated in my last post that I would be writing more, and here I am, in a new year and barely writing something. We lived, and here I am, again, promising that this year will be different from the previous ones (here’s to hoping). Now, with this new year, I don’t just intend on writing more, but I also look forward to a few other things. 2020 was the year that felt like 3 different years; I went through a normal year phase (January-March), COVID scares/social unrest (April-July), COVID Mania/Election (August – ?). As harsh as 2020 was, I can say that I’ve learned to appreciate life in a different way; I’ve come to be closer to my family, I cherish my time (as limited as it can be) with friends, and the importance of self care. With those things in mind, I intend to look at my 2021, regardless of what it brings, with positivity and growth mindset. It will not be a perfect year, nothing ever is, but the intent is there and I urge all that read this to do the same.

A few things I look forward to doing this year:

  • Small Nature Trips/Travel (when safe)
  • Read/Write More
  • Connect with Family/Friends More (responsibly)
  • Prioritize Health (Mental/Physical/Spiritual)
  • Work on my Finances

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