The Other Woman…

04/13/2021 7:56PM EST.

I am sitting here in my office completely in shock…I just finished a book, The Other Woman by Sandie Jones. If you love to read, I highly recommend, now, I must warn you – be prepared for the rollercoaster it’s going to take you on. Also, if you intend on reading it and hate spoilers, please stop reading now and come back later. You’re still here, so you either don’t care about spoilers, you won’t read the book, or you’ll just pretend you never read this, either way…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, let me give you my thoughts, what in the actual f***?! This book truly made me realize that I kept seeing the red flags throughout the book, but why was I ignoring them and still giving this man a chance to redeem himself? I’ll tell you why; we want to believe in the fairytale. We want to believe that an almost perfect person can actually exist – I mean, it’s a book, if there’s any place he can exist, it’s in a book. The worst part of it all, is the fact that it reminded me of past relationships. How many times did I not ignore a red flag just because this person fit into my made up idea of what my partner should be like? No one is perfect, no one will be perfect, and if someone sounds too perfect, there may be something there. Now, I’m also not saying that good people don’t exist, they obviously do. Good men, good women, all exist. What I am saying is that we should never place people on pedestals, we should never forget that people are human, they will make mistakes. But no matter how human we may all be, it does not mean that people have an excuse to deliberately hurt you. It’s not easy, I know from experience. We all have different reasons on why we stay – we don’t want to be alone, we don’t want to start all over, we have put so much work into the relationship already…etc. But we forget the most important part; why we should leave – we are worthy of love and respect. Remember this, there can be no love where there is no respect. If someone you’re in a relationship with does not respect you, they do not love you.

The most important relationship to begin with is the one you have with yourself; respect yourself, love yourself, and everything else will follow.

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