The 5 Types Of Gifts We Give

Thanksgiving is here and tomorrow the majority of us will be out and about buying everyone we love (and some we don’t love but want to kiss up to) some gifts.

These are the 5 types of gifts we give:

  • The Sentimental Gift:

It’s a homemade gift we made for our mom, dad, significant other, or friend, or it could be something that caught our eye and reminded us of one of them; these are usually the best gifts we can give.

Recommendation: Anything homemade

  • The Funny Gift:

You have a sense of humor and nowadays, we all need one. These are great to give to family and friends that you are closest to and who understand your sense of humor as well.

Tip: Steer away from giving these to anyone you work for or with. You may think you and your co-worker/boss get along, but keep it out of the office. Draw your line here; you’ll thank me later.

  • The “I just started dating you and I don’t know quite what to give you” gift:

You just started dating and do not know each other well enough to get them that “sentimental” gift just yet. It’s ok. It happens.

  • The “you’re my boss and I want that promotion” Gift:

That gift set you back a little, but you’re thinking long-term investment.


  • The “I don’t know you well, but I want to get to know you” Gift:

Same as the one above.


Regardless of the type of gift that you give, anything coming from the heart shall be well received.

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