It”s 8:30pm and tomorrow I have the day off. For that, I am thankful. Now, I don’t necessarily care to work on a holiday, but my mother has been away for almost a month, and she is now home. I will be able to have a complete day with my parents and almost a complete day with my younger sister.

This time of the year is great for reflecting on everything that we are truly thankful for. For me, 2017 has not been the best year. We have a tumultuous government and we live with a constant uncertainty about what tomorrow could bring. Still, I am grateful that my family remains intact and with health. I have lovely friends that have understood that full time work and school don’t always allow me the most flexible of schedules, but they stick around. I am thankful for the fact that I have a job that has allowed me to pursue a higher education. I am thankful that I will be graduating in less than a month, and I am thankful that I have grown as a person overall.

There is much to be grateful for. What is something you are thankful for?

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