Last Year’s Resolutions…?

 It’s 5:00 pm on the dot and I’m at work. The day has been slow as of now, and I’ve been putting off writing. At this moment, so many things have come to my mind, and I can’t believe that it’s already November. I said I would start this blog at the beginning of this year, and I have honestly done nothing that I’ve set myself out to do. Typical. I think we all do it at one point or another, but why don’t we do them? I’ve thought about the fact that I’ve told myself that I would not only start this blog, but I would start a Youtube channel, actually go to the gym, and that I would start dressing up more. So here is the plan: I will do something out of my comfort zone at least once a week and write about it.

What’s something you tell yourself you will do and haven’t done yet?